Hong Kong is the right place for innovation

FNF opens Innovation Hub
Office opening ceremony
Opening of the Global Innovation HubFNF GIHub

“Asia is the most dynamic region in the world, and we can benefit from this dynamism,” said German Member of Parliament (MP) Christian Lindner. “Innovation comes from here. With an office in Hong Kong, we can easily facilitate the exchange of ideas between the region and Germany,” he added.

Lindner, chair of the Free Democratic Party (FDP), the liberal party in Germany, is in Asia with a group of parliamentarians for a series of meetings. They attended the opening of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)’s Global Innovation Hub on 9 July 2019 in Hong Kong. “As liberals, we know the power of economic freedom: we need it to allow us to innovate,” stressed Lindner. “We also believe that economic and social freedom are indivisible. FNF’s office here is a testament to that commitment,” he continued.

Christian Lindner

FNF is the creative innovative platform for the promotion of freedom. It has 60 offices worldwide. “As an organization, we would like to keep up with trends, and be ahead of the curve. Hong Kong is a place to learn and be creative,” said FNF Head for Southeast & East Asia Moritz Kleine-Brockhoff.

The FNF Global Innovation Hub also brought together technology mavens, big data analysts, startup experts, and civic leaders in Hong Kong for a week-long program. Branded as the Digital Change-makers, they designed tools to promote a culture of innovation in an organization, build sustainable and effective networks of innovators, and spot and evaluate new trends.

“The challenge is how to unlock the potential within the old structures. People are the key inside and outside the organizations,” remarked Armin Reinartz, Head of FNF Global Innovation Hub.