Global innovators meet in Hong Kong

Digital Change Maker 2019

Hong Kong is a go-to place for startups. It is uniquely positioned to allow fast and high scalability given its strategic location: at the heart of Asia. It continues to be a global benchmark of innovation, leading digital revolution.

The world now closely looks at how Hong Kong would introduce innovation as it faces new challenges. This is why it was chosen as the venue for a gathering of “digital change-makers.”

Technology mavens, big data analysts, startup experts, and civic leaders meet in Hong Kong to share experiences, and create solutions and tools in response to global issues. A week-long program from 3-10 July 2019, attended by 19 representatives from Hong Kong’s neighboring countries like Philippines and Myanmar, and continents as far as South America and Africa are in Asia’s World City.

A delegation from Germany’s Liberal Party, Free Democratic Party (FDP), including its leader, Member of Parliament Christian Lindner, is expected to join the event. Lindner, a known advocate of entrepreneurship and the startup culture, will lead the opening of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) Global Innovation Hub. FNF is the creative innovation platform for the promotion of freedom.

The “Digital change-makers” will also take part in RISE, the largest tech conference in Asia, on 9-10 July 2019.

“Digital transformation provides a tremendous wave of opportunity to individuals who desire to shape and reimagine the world that we live in today. It significantly changes economic, social, and political structures and processes, and ultimately brings more freedom,” said Armin Reinartz, Head of FNF Global Innovation Hub.

The FNF’s Global Innovation Hub and its International Academy for Leadership (IAF) organized the activities.

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