Germany Meets Hong Kong: What’s the Best for Future Generations?

Message15.06.2018FNF Global Innovation Hub
Hoene's Meeting with Dr. Lau Ming-wai

In Germany and Hong Kong, youth and education are two hot issues. Every politician is expected to have programs for youth development and to lobby for education reform.

Mr. Henning HOENE a young member in the North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) State Parliament spent time with experts in Hong Kong to discuss a big question: What’s the best for future generations?

Henning sat down with Dr. LAU Ming-wai and Mr. IP Kin-yuen to exchange views on youth development and education during his Hong Kong’s visit before the end of May.

Ming-wai, the Vice-chairman of Youth Development Commission of the HKSAR Government and the founder of a youth think-tank, shared the youth situation within the territory during a meeting with Hennig. Ming-wai pointed out that Hongkong youths are facing great pressure in different ways. Regarding social mobility, the society does not provide enough rooms for them to climb up. Looking at personal development, elder’s expectations are not always same with the young’s. Often, the young generation is under immense pressure to sacrifice their dreams to fulfil their parent’s wishes. Ranging from choosing a major they do not like during college time to taking a job that makes them unhappy but is seen as appropriate in their parent’s eyes.

Hoene's Meeting with Dr. Lau Ming-wai
Henning Hoene meets with Dr. Lau Ming-wai and his team with FNF Global Innovation HubFNF Global Innovation Hub

In a visit at the Legislative Council Complex, Henning shared ideas on educational policy with Kin-yuen, a councillor who is representing the function education constituency for almost six years. Kin-yuen and Henning, both two-term legislators, agreed that quality vocational training is the root of successful societies. They both also agreed the society’s perception towards vocational education has limited the development of the institution. Even though some blue collar industries can ensure more jobs and more attractable income, sending children to universities are still the most desires of parents in both societies. ‘If everyone goes to university, who will build those universities?’ said Hoene. As innovative and high-tech become the new foundation of global society, Kin-yuen and Henning agreed that government should provide more funding to vocational schools on innovation, high-tech machine operation and coding, in order to help teenagers get into the intellectual labour market.

Henning Hoene with Mr. IP Kin-yuen
Henning Hoene meets with Mr. IP Kin-yuen at the Legislative Council ComplexFNF Global Innovation Hub

Henning also met several young entrepreneurs at a Startup event at FNF Global Innovation Hub's base WeWork to discuss how policy makers can provide best conditions for StartUps.

The meetings were arranged by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) Global Innovation Hub in Hong Kong. FNF, a German poliitcal organization that promotes free market supports startup programs, which has also become a platform to engage the youth.